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Advertising on Facebook, Small business hacked!

Updated: Feb 10

What happens when a small business is hacked and their ad account has been disabled. The small business suffers while the hackers account still remains live!?

What you have to go through to deal with a hacked account.

You wake up on Saturday morning to check the progress of your ad campaign in ads manager and find this:

Facebook Ads TeamSat, Nov 7, 6:50 AM (1 day ago)

Ad Account Disabled for Policy Violation Your ad account 00000000000001 and its ads were disabled Hi Facebook User, It appears your ad account was used to create one or more ads that don't comply with our Advertising Policies or other standards.

You also find that not only has an ad been created for a storefront in your account that violates policies but a Facebook page has also been created with your name and business. You now run an autosales e-commerce store front and you didn't have to do any work!

Jerry Mills a Real Estate owner/agent at Altitude Real Estate Services LLC woke up last saturday morning to find that his ad account had been disabled for policy violation. A [DO NOT MOTIFY] storefront ad was created in his account for car sales with a name of Altitudecarsbyjerry. I also received a request to like a Facebook page from Altitudecarsbyjerry. After speaking with Jerry he let us know that he did not create the ad or the Facebook page and that he had actually been hacked. A frustrating experience when trying to advertise and run a small business. After reporting the incident in ads manager and reporting the fake page, the hackers account remains active while Jerry waits for an answer.

While your waiting for a response...

As you sit there patiently waiting (pulling your hair out) your account remains inactive as the hackers account is still live. The hacker utilizes your name and your business to trash your identity and all the while trying to make sales. You report the hackers moves and your victimized account and weeks go by. You are still inactive and someone with your identity is still working away. Do you think Facebook needs a policy change? #cdcreative llc #coloradoadvertising #hackerssuck

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