• Chris Currey

Grand Opening of In-N-Out Aurora Colorado 14150

Updated: Feb 10

We arrived at the location in Aurora around 2:00pm directly after dropping off a rescue dog in Bailey Colorado. It was passed lunch time and we decided to go to the grand opening of the new In-N-Out. We proceeded passed the restaurant a few blocks where officers where directing us towards the entrance to the mall where the line started. We then moved into staging area next to rows of other cars desperately waiting their turn. We were thinking the line didn't look to bad and we had expected about 2 hours of wait time. And yes, we were completely wrong. We made it out of the staging area into a single row of cars that led to the restaurant.

We followed the row of cars until we were right up to the exit of the drive thru and could see the ordering area. We were stopped at this point and it had been about an hour and a half. Then we looked over to our right and saw hundreds of cars in another staging area. Thousands of blank staring hungry faces parked and waiting. Someone must have worked for Disney because they have a skill of bringing you right up to the ride... then diverting you into another endless maze right at the last moment. We moved into this staging area where we waited another two and a half hours just sitting there, hungry. I saw people leaving and coming back to their cars with coolers. The tailgating ensued!

After the next staging area we were finally moved into the line back at the entrance of the restaurant. We were getting close and at this point the line was moving pretty quick. Night was setting in and we were so hungry we actually got some chicken across the street while we were waiting. Pretty glad they had porta-potties near by as well. It started to feel like we were waiting for a concert and it was definitely a party!

We passed the line of people waiting to walk in and thankfully they had put out propane lamp heaters for those waiting as the temperatures where in the low teens. Baby strollers and all they waited in line for their turn. Wait! Who's baby is that!?

We had made it, time to order! Actually they had taken your order miles back in line before you made it to this point. The girl that took our order was great to talk to and thanked us for the wait. She mentioned that the wait the prior day had been 8 hours instead of 4! So order is in and we are almost there!

The employees working crazy hours, cooking up tens of thousands of burger and fry orders, wearing their masks, were moving with a grace inside. I have to give these people props for what they were accomplishing! And all in great spirits.

The best part of the wait was running into Mike at the drive thru! You could just tell he was smiling behind that mask. Food was brought forth promptly amazing passion and spirit. All those people, hours worked, burgers served, Mike didn't skip a beat! He even threw up a peace sign as I took his photo. Yes the burgers were great and we scarfed them down, but the experience at In and Out isn't just the burger. It is the amazing people like Mike that make the experience exceptional! Keep up the great work Mike and way to make a four and a half hour drive through experience worth it!!!

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