• Chris Currey

What it's like to work from where you love...

Updated: Feb 10

With Covid 19 on the rise social media warriors are moving to remote locations to work from wherever they call home.

Akumal Mexico?

As the world of social media grows so does the amount of travelers working from a remote location with a computer and a wifi connection. A recent visit with my family to Akumal Mexico the home of the sea turtle breeding grounds. While in Akumal I had an ad campaign that needed to be launched for a photography business that one of my great friends owns. During my stay in Akumal I had met many travelers working remotely from their computer. I was at a cenote in Valladolid Mexico and met a couple living in Playa Del Carmen and working from their computers for the last year.

They had met another girl in Honduras that was remotely working and she decided to follow them to Playa. I thought what an exciting life to lead while traveling wherever you dream and working from a wifi hotspot. The good news is that the majority of the time while staying at this Casa (Las Cascadas) we had wifi connection. I launched a very successful campaign for my friend and enjoyed the feeling of working from one of the places I love most! - A happy traveling advertiser





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