Stuck in a rut? Feeling overwhelmed? A creative touch to your advertising is what you need to stand out among competitors. Let us take an administrative role in regards to your advertising and media platform. New clientele is what you are seeking and new leads are what we generate.

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Advertising The main platform we advertise on is Facebook as it has proven to provide the best results. We will also advertise on Instagram, Google, Linked In, or Youtube if the client requests any of these platforms. We build the content for the ads based on the clients target audience. In any business there tends to be tons of great images to use for the ads. Though we can provide a photographer if need be. We are able to rotate these images in the ads on a regular basis. Running ads like "Feature Friday", showing the feature of the week that you would like to highlight. Or an ad that runs with a deal or coupon you are currently providing. Then once ad reaches its full potential we can switch out the image with the next new discount. When we run these ad campaigns we run multiple ad sets to see which one has the best result. The Facebook algorithm tends to choose one of the ad sets and you will start to see it gain tons of traction. The others not so much. When you have the ad set that is successful from the start you stick with it as the algorithms have decided that it will be the one. From there you can change the image, and only the image so the ad will continue to remain successful. You are then able to continue to retarget and the ad will still see growth.


Lead Generation We start out by running traffic to a Facebook page or a Website. Preferably the website as we will set up a pixel to track analytics to the site. With this information you will be able to view who is looking at the site and their demographics. Most of our ads rank above average in the three categories: Quality, Relevance, and Conversion. Conversion is where we like to see the above average ranking as we are running tons of traffic to the site and about to convert them into viable Leads next. After running the traffic ad for a few weeks we convert to Lead Generation. This where we target the people that will actually share their name, email, phone number. We can target by age, interest, sex, location, people in the area, or people that have recently visited the area. When the leads come in we send the lists to the client on a spreadsheet or we can automate the list with a Customer Relations Manager. The CRM will send you the leads directly to wherever you choose to receive them. One of our big success stories is generating a client 51 Leads in 25 days. This was after running traffic to the website for a month, It is nice to work with clients from different areas as to not compete for the same audience.